A Lonely Awakening


I dreamed about you while I slept, a pleasant, wishful dream.

I dreamt I was loving you in a way I’d never done.

You said I was beautiful, you thought of me all the while

You kissed me leisurely and said I made you smile. 

I dreamed we were lovers for more than a few hours,

I dreamt we satisfied all our longings and desires.

We were one within each other, we were one outside the flesh, 

We were all that love should be when love is at it’s best.

But dreams are only dreams for a while, they’re fleeting, then they’re gone~ 

When I woke up I found that I was the only one.

You weren’t holding me, or loving me, you weren’t near at all,

You were just a memory over which I had no control.

 I was alone in my bed, the way I always am.

You weren’t near, or in love with me; you were just a dream.